PRMs for Pharmaceuticals

Navigate regulatory challenges with confidence using Kademi's PRM System.

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How Kademi helps

Pharmaceutical companies face a range of challenges, including staying up-to-date with changing regulations, ensuring compliance, and navigating a complex global supply chain. 

By implementing Kademi’s PRM, streamline operations, connect with physicians and HCP's, and automate and streamline processes and communication, helping you improve compliance, reduce errors, and foster stronger partnerships.

PRMs for Pharmaceuticals

Target the experience

Connect with physicians, pharmacists, or HCP's, through targeted content and communications in a single portal.

Streamline compliance

Meet compliance with regulators through CPD training and certification, targeted resources, and support.

Consolidate data

Unify your channel data so you can identify areas for improvement, optimizing partnerships for maximum value.

Tick the legal box

Make document signing part of your onboarding process and ensure relationships are properly documented.

Support field teams

Give internal sales reps access to real-time data and compliance information from a single secure field portal.

Remove complexity

Benefit from a PRM with tools to manage data that cascades down from a country to a sales region, and a physical location. 

Pharmaceutical features to explore

Kademi's modular platform gives our customers a powerful set of features to use in their partner portal and programs. 

Partner Training

Improve partner performance and accelerate their understanding of your business and products.

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Document Signing

Incorporate document signing into a smooth onboarding process using Kademi's integration with DocuSign.

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Avoid endless games of email ping pong, and set up a structured support workflow using tickets and automation.

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