The COVID-19 pandemic upended the retail industry, and in 2020, a record 12,200 brick-and-mortar storefronts closed doors in the US alone. And in 2021, 8,700 chain stores disappeared from British high streets. 

The retail landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate forcing retailers to find new ways to innovate digitally. 

Kademi’s platform is perfectly positioned to help retailers engage their trade customers, for example, hardware stores selling product to trade customers. Using off-the-shelf capabilities, retailers can deliver into market fast digital solutions without the financial risk commonly associated with such projects.

Digitize your purchasing process 

Make it easy for your customers to buy and re-order your product in just a few clicks through a secure online trade portal.

Reward & recognize customers

Reward loyalty points for buying your product, then level-up customers to higher buying tiers that offer greater rewards.

Put the customer experience first

Nurture customers back online or in-store to buy your product and help create a seamless purchasing experience. 

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B2B Loyalty Program

Launch channel loyalty programs that nurtures customer loyalty year on year and influences buying behavior using targeted sales promotions..

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