PRMs for Retail Manufacturers

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How Kademi helps

Retail manufacturers face a range of challenges managing supply chains, coordinating pricing and promotions across multiple channels, and getting products in front of end customers. Channel conflict is also a major challenge, with brick-and-mortar stores competing with each other and with the manufacturer's own sales channels.

Adopting Kademi's PRM, overcome these challenges and optimize your operations for success. 

PRMs for Retail Manufacturers

Incentivize sales

Ensure incentives are aligned with business goals and get used effectively to drive sales through retail channels.

Convert more sales

Help retail partners better understand the product they are selling through online training programs and resources. 

Access sales data

When you don’t have visibility of end customer sales, incentivize retail partners to upload sales claims for approval.

Products and orders

Provide retailers with access to product information and pricing. Even better, create seamless ordering workflows. 

Communicate better

Ensure you’re communicating the latest product launches, pricing, and promotions using targeted communications.  

Manage complexity

Benefit from a PRM with powerful tools to manage complex sales channels and retail hierarchies

OPPO Mobile Testimonial

Get inspired by Jacob Barton of OPPO Mobile and discover how they took their retail partner program to new heights with Kademi. Learn how they achieved phenomenal results and took their business to the next level.

Jacob Barton of OPPO Mobile

Retail features to explore

Kademi's modular platform gives our customers a powerful set of features to use in their partner portal and programs. 

Partner Training

Improve partner performance and accelerate their understanding of your business and products.

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Incentivize Sales

Accelerate channel performance by incentivizing sales and partner behavior.

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Sales Claims

When you can't access sales data from your partners, get them to upload claims.

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