Configure claim workflows

K-Claims is a versatile capability to manage different types of claim management workflows, for example:

  • When a customer uploads a sales incentive claim that needs to be reviewed and approved before a payout is made.
  • When a customer uploads proof of their marketing activities (MDF Program) before a payout or rebate is made.

K-Claims can be used with KCRM, enabling claim management features outside Kademi's admin console for program administrators. 

Claims features

Here are a few features available when using K-Claims:

  • Drop claim forms into the partner portal and configure them with ease.
  • Define claim number syntax e.g. C0001, C0002.
  • Define who can make claims by configuring permissions.
  • Connect claim workflows to a promotion using start and end dates.
  • Configure if claims need to be validated against another dataset, for example, a list of serial numbers.

Kademi in action

Watch a video of K-Promotion being used to launch a tactical sales incentive promotion.

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