Lead management

KCRM is a powerful lead management application outside Kademi’s admin console that supports various roles and functions. 

  • Gives sales teams tools to track and manage leads across funnel stages 
  • Helps customer reps respond to support tickets
  • Gives administrators tools to approve sales claims or marketing development funds

KCRM features

Explore the different features available when using the KCRM application.

  • Create and track leads across funnel stages
  • Search for customer records and organizations
  • Create and edit customer data
  • Use task management workflows to define how customers get managed
  • Benefit from admin console functions within the KCRM portal, for example, placing orders or approving claims
  • Brand and customize the lead management portal
  • Drop other applications into the KCRM dashboard, for example, a list of training courses

Explore Our Solutions

Explore the practical implementation of KCRM into different types of solutions built on Kademi.

Sales Claim Program

When you can’t access sales data from your customers, sales claim programs are a great way to incentivize customers using a claim upload workflow.

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