Automate & scale

K-Journey is a multipurpose capability used in almost any solution built on Kademi. Partners can be nurtured ongoing and in real-time to achieve a series of goals, for example, completing training or hitting a sales target. When goals aren’t met, smart decisions nodes get used to determine how to engage and nurture the partner to achieve the goal.

Journeys can also be used to set up workflows that automatically create tasks for sales reps or administrators to action in KCRM.

K-Journey features

Here are a few features available when using K-Journeys:

  • Design journeys fast using a code-free drag and drop user interface. 
  • Automate communications with partners using email and SMS.
  • Drop in nodes provided by each application you install, for example, K-Recognition provides nodes to track when levels are achieved.
  • Track the progress of partners in a journey from their customer profile.
  • Use journeys to automatically nurture a customer through a series of predefined funnel stages.
  • Easily version and edit journeys offline.

Kademi in action

Watch how a journey can be set up to onboard a partner and nurture them to complete a series of goals.

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