Email & SMS

Email & SMS marketing

Engage and market programs to your partners using Kademi’s email and SMS marketing tools.  

Email templates and SMS messages can be easily created from your Kademi admin console and targeted to your partners to increase engagement. 

Email management

Here are a few features available when using Kademi:

  • Build email templates fast using K-Editor.
  • Drop dynamic components into email templates, for example, a participants point balance.
  • Personalize email content to the end-user.
  • Configure SPF and DKIM records and improve email delivery rates.
  • Target emails to groups of customers.
  • Make email part of an automated customer journey.
  • Track email delivery statistics.

SMS management

Kademi uses third-party providers like ClickSend and Twilio to send SMS messages. A few features available in the admin console include:

  • Create and send SMS messages in seconds.
  • Target groups of customers.
  • Make SMS part of an automated customer journey.
  • Track SMS delivery statistics.