Build solutions code-free

K-Editor is a powerful multipurpose drag-and-drop content editor to build user interfaces. It not only allows customers to build web pages and email templates, it also provides features to drop interactive application components into templates, for example, a list of partner training courses or products in an eCommerce store.

Using K-Editor, non-technical administrators can build fully functioning websites and partner portals code-free.

K-Editor features

Here are a few features available when using K-Editor:

  • Choose from hundreds of components provided by applications.
  • Quickly move components around web pages.
  • Configure how components interact on screen.
  • Personalize what content and application components customers see when they log in.
  • Edit and apply different website themes.

Website manager

Behind K-Editor sits a powerful set of features to help you manage your websites.

  • Create new websites with a click of a button.
  • Access tools to create and manage website pages and files.
  • Work offline by versioning web pages.
  • Manage your website DNS from your Kademi account.
  • Edit webpage HTML and CSS code using a browser based editor.

Kademi in action

Watch a video of K-Editor being used to build a website page for a sales claim program.


All solutions built on Kademi use Keditor to build the customer-facing user interface. Explore a few solutions below.

Sales Incentive Program

Ignite sales performance across your channel by launching strategic programs that incentivizes different types of sales targets and metrics.

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Sales Claim Program

When you can’t access sales data from your customers, sales claim programs are a great way to incentivize customers using a claim upload workflow.

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SPIFF Program

Launch SPIFF programs to help meet short term tactical sales goals by rewarding customers with cash payouts for selling product at point of sale.

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