Financial Services

The financial services industry is rapidly evolving, with changes to regulations and impacts from global events, including the recent pandemic.

No business is exempt from the shifting goalposts from large multinational companies to small institutions, so it’s time to reevaluate your digital strategies. 

The Kademi platform is already helping companies worldwide, from insurance brokers to the banking community. Explore just a few of the ways Kademi can help your company below.

Compliance training 

Give brokers, partners, and advisory practices access to online training portals and keep them up to date with the latest regulations that affect your industry.

Supercharge sales

Launch CRM and marketing solutions that directly enable your partners to sell your products successfully through a sales channel.

Incentivize results

Where regulations allow, incentivize employees and sales partners in different ways to get your product in front of end customers. 

Case Study

Read how Kademi was used to launch an end to end broker management solution.

Financial solutions you might like

Discover different ways Kademi can be used to launch a range of financial solutions. 

Sales Incentive Program

Ignite sales performance across your channel by launching strategic programs that incentivizes different types of sales targets and metrics.

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Marketing Development Funds

Help your sales channel launch product into new markets fast by using MDF programs to offset or pay for a partner's marketing development costs.

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Partner Training Program

Discover how you can launch earn and learn programs using Kademi, where online course completion can be incentivized in different ways.

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