Supply chain and logistics

Supply chain companies worldwide face that fair share of challenges, which have accelerated at an unprecedented rate due to recent global events.

With both consumer and manufacturing demands on the increase, logistics companies have to innovate and scale fast, so moving to scalable cloud providers like Kademi will give logistics companies the tools they need to succeed. 

Make staff retention your priority

Launch staff incentive programs that reward performance and loyalty by combining a mix of key performance indicators (KPIs), staff recognition, and rewards.

Manage complex regulations

Manage complex regulations using structured online training and resources targeting employees and partners, helping you manage end-to-end compliance.

Automate to scale your operations 

Communicating to a large network of partners and customers can be simplified using Kademi’s smart automation, helping facilitate scalability and improve reliability.

Supply chain solutions you might like

Discover different ways Kademi can be used to launch a range of solutions. 

Sales Incentive Program

Ignite sales performance across your channel by launching strategic programs that incentivizes different types of sales targets and metrics.

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Partner Onboarding

Scale and succeed by automating the onboarding of your valued partners helping nurture them to complete training and hit their first sales target.

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Partner Training Program

Discover how you can launch earn and learn programs using Kademi, where online course completion can be incentivized in different ways.

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