Partner onboarding

First impressions count, so how you approach your channel partner onboarding can determine success or failure. To nurture success for you and your partner, implement a strategic onboarding program that personalizes the experience for each partner, targeting training and incentivizing sales growth and communications.

No matter what type of program you launch on Kademi, our onboarding tools will give you everything you need to succeed.

Discover the benefits of using partner onboarding software:

Get results fast

Accelerate sales performance sooner by investing in your partners, getting them up to speed with your products and services. 

Builds relationships 

Highly engaged partners that feel supported will perform better long-term, leading to stronger brand loyalty and advocacy.

Reduce costs

Give partners what they need to succeed in a scalable online way, reducing your time to support a partner.

Partner onboarding features that you'll love

Kademi's journey automation tool helps connect with partners in a scalable and personalized way.

An end to end customer journey for a retail assistant

Increase engagement 

Keep partners engaged in selling your product, completing training, and engaging with your business. 

Goal-driven for success

Measure success by tracking goals from a partner completing training or hitting a sales target.

End-to-end experiences

Automate the end-to-end life cycle of a partner from onboarding to achieving year-on-year sales growth.

Kademi in action

See how a customer journey can be set up using K-Journey to automate engagement with partners. 

Partner program signup form

Nurture signups

Create journeys that automatically send email and SMS to nurture partners to sign up and register for your program.

  • Increase registrations fast.
  • Offer early bird incentives, for example, points.
  • Customize registration forms.
  • Optionally review and approve registrations.
  • Pre-register partners and get them to confirm their details.
Workflow of goals in a partner program

Set program goals

Use journeys to nurture your partners to achieve goals throughout the partner's life cycle.

  • Ask pre-registered partners to update their details.
  • Get partners to complete training when they first register.
  • Nurture partners to achieve ongoing sales targets.
  • Drive partners online to buy your product or renew a subscription each year.
  • Create journeys to incentivize referrals.
Workflow to reduce churn in a partner program

Reduce churn

Use smart automated journeys to identify and reduce partner churn in your programs.

  • When partners stop selling, automatically engage them and offer tailored incentives.
  • Keep partners buying your product online by targetting product offers and pricing rules.
  • Automatically trigger emails to collect sentiment feedback from your partners if they haven't logged in for some time.

Why use Kademi's partner onboarding software

Integrated experiences 

Kademi's all-in-one platform will onboard and manage every aspect of the partner relationship, from training to incentives. 

Quick to launch

Use Kademi's code-less platform architecture to launch your partner program fast without touching a single line of code.

An open platform policy 

License and own Kademi's software, then plugin the services of other companies you need to set up and launch your program.

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