B2B Loyalty Programs

A B2B customer loyalty program applies to companies that sell to other companies, for example, retailers who sell products directly to trade customers such as builders and electricians (trade loyalty programs). 

The key to a successful program is turning transactional relationships into a long-term valued partnership by rewarding purchases, recognizing loyalty, and personalizing the experience to each partner.

Launching a loyalty program on Kademi often combines different features into one experience to help influence buying behavior and drive long-term incremental growth.

Discover the benefits of B2B loyalty programs:

Drive repeat purchases

Nurture repeat purchases by targeting discounts across product lines related to each partner.

Build brand advocacy 

Build strong advocacy and referrals by creating memorable customer experiences that delight partners.

Nurture Connections

Connect with partners on an emotional level by personalizing the experience to each partner.

Program features that you'll love

Launch loyalty programs that engage, reward, and nurture B2B customer loyalty long term.

Personalized  partner portal experience

Personalize the portal experience

Make it easy for your customers to do business with you by launching an all-in-one portal experience.

  • Dynamically co-brand the portal.
  • Target sales promotions that connect with your partners.
  • Enable partners to buy your product online.
  • Show purchase and loyalty points history.
  • Personalize content, including product information and news feeds.
Partner sales levels

Introduce partner tiers

Recognize and reward partners for their loyalty, allowing them to level up to a higher partner status that offers benefits from product discounts to bonus points, and preferred trading terms.

Targeted sales promotions

Target sales promotions

Accelerate sales performance by targetting relevant promotions to each of your partners.

  • Set up different types of promotions, from check-out rules to competitions.
  • Show dynamic promotion tiles on the partner's dashboard.
  • Create landing pages for each promotion.
  • Target promotions to entire sales regions, right down to a specific partner.
Points based reward store

Reward loyalty

Tailor a reward experience that connects with each partner using Kademi's incentive management features.

  • Reward loyalty points to purchase merchandise and digital gifts in a reward store.
  • Fire off vouchers that offer discounts at point of sale.
  • Rebate dollars back onto your partner's credit or debit card.
  • Reward your high-value customers with travel experiences.
Collect feedback with a single click from an email

Collect feedback

Improve the customer experience by asking your partners what they like and don't like about your brand, product, or service.

  • Send emails with one-click feedback.
  • Drop surveys into the partner portal to collect greater insights that lead to improvements in your business.
  • Surprise and delight your partners by rewarding loyalty points for providing feedback.

B2B Loyalty software features

Explore software features that will help you manage your program on Kademi.


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Why choose Kademi's B2B Loyalty software

Integrated portal experiences

Combine different Kademi applications to build your loyalty program, for example, eCommerce and online training.

Scalable architecture 

Kademi's platform scales to meet the demands of programs with a few to millions of end customers.

Automate and scale success

Kademi's journey automation connects with more partners in a highly personalized way to increase engagement.

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