Recognize partners for their achievements

K-Recognition is a powerful capability used to incentivize partners to achieve different types of targets and levels, for example, nurturing a sales consultant to hit a 15% sales growth target each quarter.

K-Recognition is often used in conjunction with other applications, including K-Promotions, which provides features to manage sales periods, and K-Sales Data which supports features to upload sales data and calculate payouts.

Manage levels and targets

Here are a few features available when setting up levels and targets:

  • Create different metrics, for example, percentage or absolute growth.
  • Configure levels for customers to achieve, for example, 10 or 50 units sold.
  • Configure options that allow regression to previous levels.
  • Configure leaderboards so participants can see how they stack up.
  • Configure payouts when levels and targets are achieved.
  • Personalize different experiences for different partners.


K-Recognition also provides features to set up and award badges:

  • Create badges.
  • Upload badge artwork in seconds.
  • Award badges when levels are achieved.
  • Award badges using customer journey nodes.

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