Build high performing

Everything you need to achieve year-on-year sales growth and partner success.

Launch the ultimate partner program

Explore and combine together different solutions for a unified partner experience.

Deal Registration

Make it easy for partners to register deals and track sales performance.

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Referral & Commission

Reward partners with a commission when they refer leads that convert.

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Partner Training

Help partners succeed with training and certification programs.

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Accelerate channel performance by incentivizing sales and partner behavior.

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MDF Programs

Create workflows to review and approve marketing development funds.

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Partner Resources

Enable partners with downloadable and customizable resources.

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Streamline company operations

Say goodbye to complexity and hello to effortless workflows. Kademi helps its customers supercharge their partner program with innovative automation and artificial intelligence.

Introducing Partner Assist

Discover how Kademi's newly launched Partner Assist AI chatbot is enhancing the partner experience for our customers. It not only improves their interactions but also significantly reduces operational costs.

Accelerate partner performance

Unlock powerful capabilities designed to turbocharge sales growth across your channel partners. Tap into a diverse suite of tools designed to target incentives, support partner referrals, and influence behaviour.

Elevate partner experiences 

Elevate your partner program and portal to new levels. Benefit from modular features, intuitive user interface design, and custom-tailored experiences, all thoughtfully integrated and crafted to ensure your partners' success.

Maximize your investment

We don't just sell software - we invest in your success, empowering you to thrive.

Best in class support

Kademi invests in its customer success using a blend of support, including dedicated consultants and instructor-led training.

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Self manage

We empower our customers, providing code-free tools for comprehensive, effortless management of their partner programs.

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Scale & grow

Fear not about outgrowing Kademi. We've developed the world's top PRM, ensuring ample growth opportunities.

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Launch fast

Our pre-configured templates install swiftly, providing a fully functional program for immediate launch or customization.

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Investing in security

Kademi understands how crucial customer data security is. We continually invest in the enhancement of our platform's security and the improvement of our processes.

Get answers

Explore some of the questions customers commonly ask Kademi.

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Our customers

We work with small to mid-market companies, across many verticals, to help them reach their partner goals.

Software companies

Kademi assists software companies in crafting specialized partner programs. These uniquely target a range of partners, from system integrators and resellers to referral partners.


Electronics manufacturers to furniture producers benefit from Kademi's training and sales incentive features, designed to boost sales performances and enhance product knowledge across retail channels.

Technology Companies

Companies dealing in complex products from medical tools to cloud technology utilize Kademi to accelerate sales performance, mitigate deal conflicts, and enhance product knowledge.

OPPO Mobile Testimonial

Get inspired by Jacob Barton of OPPO Mobile and discover how they took their partner program to new heights with Kademi. Learn how they achieved phenomenal results and took their business to the next level.

What our customers say...

"Incredible Company and Customer Service"

Brian R. review

"Comprehensive B2B Channel Engagement Platform"

Paul L. review

"Flexible PRM software backed by a great team"

Sarah H. review

"Best Loyalty and Incentive Platform I've Ever Used"

Bill H. review

Boost Your Channel's Performance with Kademi

Empowering small and mid-market companies to achieve their global partner goals and objectives.