Channel Relationship Management Features

Manage the entire partner lifecycle from onboarding and enablement, automating engagement to targeting communications, and managing your customer data.

An example of a partner automated journey that shows goals and actions.

Onboard & engage

Tools to automatically nurture partners, target content, and understand their sentiment towards your brand and product.

Onboard & Nurture

Kademi's journey automation tool uses intelligent workflows to engage and respond to behavior in real-time, nurturing partners to complete training or hit sales targets.

Understand Partner Sentiment

Launch always on voice-of-the-customer programs that automatically trigger feedback based on events and milestones, for example, when a partner has been inactive.

Target Marketing

Design and send engaging emails, create website content, and target communications to a specific partner or an entire sales channel.

Enable your partner data

Bring your partner data to life using powerful CRM features baked into the Kademi platform.

Segment and target customers

Access tools to segment customer data, build organizational hierarchies, and create personalized partner experiences that target sales promotions and content.

Manage customer workflows

Give sales teams, customer support reps, and administrators lead management tools to access, explore and manage customer relationships outside the admin console.

Different ways customers are rewarded using Kademi

Channel Relationship Management Applications

Explore different applications you can install and combine to build solutions and manage your partner relationship.


Manage Customer Data

A sophisticated set of tools to manage organizational hierarchies, segment and manage customer data.

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Lead Management

A powerful lead management application used to manage sales, support tickets and claim workflows.

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Automate Engagement 

Automate customer journeys that nurture partners to hit sales targets, complete training and purchase online.

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Send Email & SMS

A suite of essential tools to personalize and send out email and SMS communications to your customers.

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Create & Send Surveys

Create surveys from your admin console so you can collect deeper insights from your customers.

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One-click Feedback

Drop instant feedback into the emails you send so you can collect feedback with a click of a button.

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Channel Relationship Management Solutions

Explore a few Channel Relationship Management solutions you can build using Kademi

Partner Onboarding

Scale and succeed by automating the onboarding of your valued partners, helping nurture them to complete training and hit their first sales target.

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Partner Training Program

Discover how you can launch learn and earn programs using Kademi, where online course completion can be incentivized in different ways.

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